=Keep Lake Placid Beautiful

Keep Lake Placid Beautiful was organized in 2002 to promote public interest in the general improvement of the environment of Lake Placid, Florida. It recommends programs for litter control in conjunction with and in cooperation with citizens, government, businesses and industries within the boundaries of Lake Placid Florida.

The organization conducts continuing education programs, encourages stricter code enforcement, investigates and recommend new forms of technology. Develops programs within the government and the community which will aid in the sustained reduction of litter; implements and maintains the Keep America Beautiful System. It studies, investigates and recommends plans for improving health, sanitation, safety and cleanliness of Lake Placid, Florida by beautifying the streets, highways, alleys, ditch banks, shorelines, lots, yards and other similar places. They encourage the placing, planting and/or preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubs, and other objects or ornamentation in Lake Placid.

To visit the web site click here http://www.klpb.org